EVV Attestation Form

Full Name 姓名(必填)
I confirm that I have completed the electronic clock training course offered by Universal Care on the date of my signature. The course includes training in electronic clocking as required by federal and state laws and regulations. I have a clear understanding of the policies and procedures specific to my job responsibilities. By signing this Confirmation of Electronic Clocking Training, I confirm that I have received and understand the Electronic Clocking Education Training Course and that I agree to abide by the policies and procedures of Electronic Clocking. 本人確認我已在簽名日期當天完成了萬有護理公司提供的電子打鐘培訓課程。該課程包括联邦和州的法律法规要求的電子打鐘培訓。我明確了解特定對於我的工作職責的相關政策和程序。通過簽署此電子打鐘培訓確認書, 我確認已收到並理解電子打鐘教育培訓課程,並且同意遵守電 子打鐘的政策和程序。