When you go to work you should 當你上班時你應該…


  1. 在筆記本上您應該寫下病人的
    • 名稱
    • 地址
    • 緊急聯繫人
    • 病人醫生的聯繫電話
    • 萬有公司電話(212)920-8188
  2. 記住萬有公司電話號碼:212-920-8188。碰到緊急情況請立即與我們聯繫。如果緊急醫療隊因任何事件到達病人家中,需要帶病人去醫院, 您應該立即給我們打電話。不要留在病人家中,或者如果病人要求您陪同他們去醫院,則需要與我們聯繫並獲得批准。
  3. 上班時帶上工作證,筆記本並穿制服。
  4. 從2021年1月1日開始,政府和保險公司要求所有家庭健康助手使用電子打鐘驗證。請與我們的員工聯繫,我們將逐步為您提供指導。

when you go to work you should

1. On your notebook you should write down Patient’s
  • Name
  • Address
  • Emergency Contact
  • Primary Care Doctor’s information
  • Golden Touch Number (212) 920-8188
2. Bring your work ID, notebook and wear uniforms when you go to work. 3. Starting Jan 1, 2021, government and insurance company required all home health aides to use electronic verification visit. Please reach out to our staff, we will give you step by step instructions. 4. Remember Golden Touch phone number: 212-920-8188. For emergency Contact us immediately. If EMT arrived at patient’s house for any incident, you should call us. Do not stay at patient’s house or if patient request you to accompany them to hospital, you need to contact us and get approval before doing so.