To do’s 護理員應該做的


  1. 去病人家你要提前出門以防遲到
  2. 戴口罩,保持手部衛生, 勤洗手
  3. 如果工作時間可能有變化,要立即打電話通知萬有公司的輔導員。
  4. 如果病人不在家你不要留下做事,除非得到輔導員或主管護士的同意。
  5. 如果你要請假一天,在工作日你要提前24小時或週末提前72小時打電話給輔導員。

To Do’s

  1. Leave extra time to get to patient’s house so you won’t be late.
  2. Wear a mask, keep your hands clean, wash your hands frequently
  3. Contact the designated Golden Touch coordinator and make him/her aware of changes that take place on your cases.
  4. Leave the premises if the patient leaves the premises, unless authorized to stay by your service coordinator or nursing supervisor.
  5. Call your designated Golden Touch coordinator 24 hours in advance for a day off on a weekday and 72 hours in advance for a day off on the weekend.