Not to do’s 護理員不應該做的


  1. 未經授權把病人的個人信息流傳出去。
  2. 未經授權你拿病人家的鑰匙。
  3. 執行護理計劃中沒有列出的任務
  4. 不可給病人餵藥物,只能帮助提醒病人吃药,包括皮膚藥膏,肛門的藥物栓劑
  5. 不可幫助病人做按摩,如果病人正在使用血液稀釋劑容易引起內部出血
  6. 執行護理計劃中沒有列出的任務,即使病人要求,除非得到許可 ,否則您不可執行 。
  7. 不要診斷或者與病人或家屬參與診斷/醫療方案
  8. 去做護理員沒有培訓過或不會做的事。。
  9. 問病人要錢作爲你的個人花費或接受禮物。
  10. 與病人談論收費的事和小費。
  11. 上班時穿不恰當的衣服/服裝。
  12. 有過多的遲到。
  13. 擅自使用病人的車或使用護理員的車運送病人。
  14. 不能帶朋友或家屬到病人家裏。
  15. 沒有輔導員的同意,不可擅自調班。

Not to do’s

  1. Give patient’s information to unauthorized individuals.
  2. Use patient’s telephone for personal phone calls.
  3. Take patient’s keys without authorization.
  4. Perform service that is not authorized on the plan of care.
  5. Administered medication, including topical medication or suppository
  6. Do not perform massages, patient on blood thinners are at risk of bleeding
  7. Perform a patient care request that is not on the plan of care unless you get approval.
  8. Perform a task that HHA has not been trained to do.
  9. Ask the patient for money for your personal needs or accept gifts.
  10. Discuss payments/fees with patient.
  11. Accept private employment from the patient or patient’s family; Refer them to the office.
  12. Wear inappropriate dress/attire.
  13. Have excessive lateness.
  14. Fail to report any incidents or injuries to Golden Touch offices.
  15. Make unauthorized use of patient’s car or transport patient in employee’s car.
  16. Bring friends or family members to patient’s premises.
  17. Make changes to shift hours without consulting coordinator.