Hypoglycemia 低血糖症


  • 較常見的徵狀為:頭暈、冒汗、手震、饑餓、心跳加速、 虛弱及無法集中
  • 較少見但後果嚴重的徵狀為:混亂、神智不清、行為與情緒突然改變
  • 如患者在清醒情况下出現低血糖徵狀,可盡快給他/她令血糖快速升高的高糖份食物,例如:
  • 方糖 / 糖果2-3粒
  • 葡萄糖水或高糖汽水1/3杯100cc
  • 患者應在進食後10-15分鐘測試血糖,若血糖仍低於70mg/dl ,應重覆進食以上食物 ;若重覆處理3次後血糖仍未能回升,請即求 醫治理或致電911求助


  • Common symptoms are dizziness, sweating, shaking hands, hunger, rapid heartbeat, weakness and inability to concentrate
  • Rare but serious symptoms, confusion, confusion, sudden changes in behavior and mood
  • If a patient develops symptoms of hypoglycemia while awake, he/she can be given high-sugar foods that can increase blood sugar quickly, such as:
  • Sugar cube / 2-3 candies
  • Glucose water or high sugar soda 1/3 cup 100cc
  • Patients should test their blood glucose 10-15 minutes after eating. If the blood glucose is still less than 70mg/dl, they should eat the above foods repeatedly; if the blood sugar still fails to rise after repeated treatments for 3 times, please seek medical treatment immediately or call 911 for help