Complaint Policy and Procedure 申訴/投訴的政策和程序


所有護理員都有權自由表達他們的投訴/申訴或建議。所有的投訴/申訴進行調查,公司將努力解決每一個投訴。 申請註冊投訴:可以口頭或書面的投訴/申訴。
  • 公司管理層/主管護士接獲有關投訴後會15天之內出回應。
  • 對於公司管理層/主管護士所作出的決定護理員可以上訴。
  • 公司理事會的成員在三十天之內會給您個上訴程序。


Complaint Policy and Procedure

All caregivers have the right to freely express their complaints/appeals or suggestions. All complaints/appeals are investigated and our agency work hard to resolve each complaint. To file a complaint: oral or written complaint/appeal. Administration/nursing director will respond within 15 days after receiving the complaint. The decision made by Administration/nursing director can be appealed by the caregiver. The administration will give you an appeal decision within thirty (30) days If the caregiver is not satisfied with the decision, he/she has the right to contact: