Safety first 安全第一


    • 護理員最重要的任務是保持病人的安全和為病人保持安全舒適的家居生活環境
    • 發生任何意外時,必須立即向我們的公司報告
      • 護理員應該帶上筆記本上班,寫下病人的姓名,地址,緊急聯繫人姓名電話,病人看醫生的日期。
      • 當緊急情況發生時, 這些信息非常有用

Safety first

2 Key Points to Remember:
    • The most important task of the caregiver is to keep the patient safe and maintain a safe and comfortable home living environment for the patient
    • In the event of any accident/incident, it must be reported to our company IMMEDIATELY
    • Home health aide should: Bring a notebook to work, write down patient’s name, address, emergency contact, doctor’s appointment’s date. When emergency occurs, this information is very useful