Myocardial Infarction 心肌梗塞

冠心病發作 – 心絞痛

  • 疼痛位置通常位於胸部中間,甚至胸骨底部
  • 疼痛特性為有緊縮、壓迫感 。病人通常有焦慮不安的感覺,疼 痛 會 放 射 到 其 他 部 位 如 頸、手臂
  • 持續時間 ‧ 通常是 3-5 分鐘
  • 如懷疑病人心臟病發作,服用舌下硝酸甘油、救命藥丸都不起作用,應立即致電 911,切勿拖延。

Heart attack – Myocardial infarction

Features of Angina
  • The common symptoms of heart attacks are squeezing central chest pain, or mild chest discomfort, shortness of breath, clammy, sweating, pale and dizziness.
  • Pain characteristics
  • Tightness and pressure , patients often feel anxious The pain may radiated to the shoulders, jaw, ears, arms and wrists.
  • Duration ‧ Usually 3-5 minutes
  • If you suspect that you or others are having a heart attack with no relief from sublingual Nitroglycein, you should call 911 immediately without delay.